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Protect Your Health With Proper Pest Control

Critters of all kinds can work their way into human homes. This isn’t something that you really want happening, because sharing your space with such creatures isn’t typically a good idea. Unsanitary conditions can result, as can the spread of disease. It’s your home, so they’re the ones that need to go. Keep reading to learn some Tuscon pest control tips you can use.


Estimates indicate that over 16.5% of Washington County residents – approximately 84,000 people – have no medical insurance, and that in three years, this number will rise to 140,000. Of these, we currently see approximately 4,000 patients per year, in addition to hundreds who receive medical advice or referrals to social services and continuing health care. Our patients are ethnically diverse, and some are unemployed, yet most are the working poor who cannot afford insurance premiums. We are the only safety net clinic in Washington County providing free urgent care and are the first point of access to social services and continuing care.

We accept walk-in patients Monday and Thursday evenings in Hillsboro, and Wednesday evenings in Tigard, and provide medical services free of charge to appropriate clients. Volunteer time and donations of money, lab service, and pharmaceuticals keep the clinic in operation.